Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click the icon below, to contact me by WhatsApp, LINE or Email anytime, 24-hours/ 7-days a week.

I'm here to help you usually during European daytime 9am - 6pm, or in other words:

  • Saudi Arabia/ Qatar/ United Arab Emirates/ Oman
    late-morning to early-evening
  • Malaysia/ Brunei/ Singapore/ Indonesia/ Thailand/ Myanmar/ Hong Kong
    late-afternoon into the night
  • Japan/ Taiwan/ South Korea
    late-afternoon into the night
  • Australia
    late-afternoon into the night
  • USA
    late-night until late-morning

...unless I'm travelling, when I might take a little longer to respond.

Only use WhatsApp, LINE, or email to discuss orders & payments.

Scammers on Telegram, especially, can easily impersonate us.  I will never share personal, financial, or order information through Telegram or Instagram. These platforms are only used for sharing photos and videos with customers, as they're not secure and messages can be easily lost.