Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some quick answers to questions which are often asked, plus some useful information.

For anything else, just get in touch, I’m here to help.

For the most detailed product information, please see the designer’s UK or European website e.g. for dimensions, colour & material options, accessories etc.

Ask me about current price, and availability.

All items are new, genuine, original, designer brands from the United Kingdom or Europe.  Nowadays designers are including hidden chips, holograms and other security measures in their products to enable the autheticity of any item to be validated.

I am here to help you find your dream luxury designer fashion.

When you are fairly sure about the item(s) you would like, then proceed to Ordering, as below.  You may still change your order.

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Many designer brand items are indeed never available in Malaysia.

Many items are so rare, produced in such limited numbers, expensive to make yet likely to have low number of customers, and/ or taken by the very competitive European, USA, and other markets that designers do not supply them to Malaysia and other countries.

Some designers also only sell to very well known customers.

If you want something special, rare, or customised you need to travel, …or get me to.

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Just send me the item name or a screenshot of the item.

Then let’s discuss any options (item type, colour, size etc.).

I will then check availability, other options, and price for you.

Terms and Conditions Contact me Price
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The price will be advised and confirmed when you enquire.  Items are priced in Malaysian Ringgit (RM) currency, UK Sterling (£, Great Britain Pounds), or Euro (€).

The item prices are subject to change due to designer’s price change, sales, and exchange rates.

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Follow me, and keep an eye on my Instagram Story and Posts where I provide news about upcoming and current sales which some designers may be offering.

Some brands never have sales, especially as some items are so rare and in high demand they never have spare stock.

If there is something you are especially looking for, just let me know.  I can try to contact you if the item becomes available.

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Once you have confirmed your choice, full payment may be made in MYR or GBP, by any of these methods:

  • Bank Transfer in Malaysia
  • Foreign exchange (GBP) transfer to our UK bank
  • PayPal including Credit Card payments (plus the PayPal fee of 4.44%)
  • Western Union transfers

After your full or first part payment is made, the items are ordered for you.

If the item(s) becomes unavailable, then a refund is made.

The banking, and PayPal information is advised when you order.

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You may pay in up to 5 instalments withinin 5 months.

Reserve any item easily now at the current price with a 20% deposit, followed by up to four further 20% payments within the following 4 months (one payment per month).

When the full payment has been made the item is ready to be sent to you.

This is especially useful when a price increase is upcoming, or the item is rare and hard-to-get.

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From Beverly Hills to Brunei, I have customers all over the world in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Canada, Germany, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom too.

Here’s the methods available.

For any customer:

  • UPS and FedEx courier tracked delivery can easily be arranged, at individual prices, please contact me for delivery costs.

For customers in Malaysia:

  • GDEX courier with tracking to your address and signature upon delivery.
    • to Western Malaysia delivery charges.  Small items such as wallets, jewellery etc RM49; larger items such as handbags, and shoes etc RM89
    • to Eastern Malaysia delivery charges.  Small items such as wallets, jewellery RM69; larger items such as handbags, and shoes RM110.

I track all items from the UK to you with unique order codes and courier tracking too.

In all cases a signature is required at delivery.


IMPORTANT: If you are having items delivered direct to you, please consider insuring your order, as described in the section below.

Delivery Insurance
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For valuable peace-of-mind and financial protection to enjoy your luxury items please obtain shipping insurance.  Loss is rare but upsetting if this happens.  The cost of insurance is very small too.  I’ve suggested one insurance company below.  Insurance is your option but highly advised, especially as it is a small cost.

For direct shipment orders

  • I suggest you consider insurance with SECURSUS at who charge just 0.8% of the value of the item. For example: to insure £10,000 it is £80.  Check their website for more details.
  • You may use any insurance company you like.
  • Without additional insurance the standard limit of any claim is normally just $50 which is the limit the courier accepts.
  • SECURSUS need the tracking number, carrier name, parcel value, and photos of the item being shipped.  You can take out their insurance on the same day of departure, until UK midnight.
  • Normally a customer will automatically receive an email directly from our courier when the shipment is booked.
  • I can provide a photo of your item(s) in the package, and of the outside of the package at the point of despatch if you request this before the item is sent.  If you require any further information then I’d be happy to help.
Insurance with SECURSUS

IMPORTANT NOTE You must follow the SECURSUS Shipping Instructions:   otherwise any claim will be declined.

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  • Worldwide direct delivery can be within a few days by courier from the UK and Europe to your address, or
  • Delivery consignment from the UK or Europe to Malaysia every 2-3 weeks, then a few days by national courier within Malaysia.
  • When the covid-19 pandemic restrictions allow, I will also re-offer collections from KL Sentral, Malaysia by prior appointment, just ask me.
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Whether you are a Datin, Datuk, Sir or Madam, celebrity, business professional, and lover of fine fashion, your personal information remains confidential to my company and I.

Your personal name, job-title, celebrity position, address, email address, telephone number, social media names, and order history is used to supply items as ordered and to update you personally.

These details are not shared with others, your privacy is respected.

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I am here for you and pleased to help you.

I am normally available on UK or European working hours (7 or 8 hours behind Malaysia/ Indonesian time).

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Please note the information here is subject to occasional change.  Please contact me to confirm any particular points.

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