For the most detailed product information, please see the designer’s UK or European website e.g. for dimensions, colour & material options, accessories etc.

Ask me about current price, and availability.

All items are new, genuine, original, designer brands from the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle-East, or worldwide.

Designers often include security measures in their products to enable the authenticity of any item to be validated.


Many designer brand items are never available in Malaysia, or other countries.

Many items are so rare, produced in such limited numbers, expensive to make yet likely to have low number of customers, and/ or taken by the very competitive European, USA, and other markets that designers do not supply them to Malaysia and other countries.

Some designers also only sell to very well known customers.

If you want something special, rare, or customised you need to travel, …or get me to.

Just send me the name or a screenshot of the item.

Tell me any options such as item type, colour, size, matching sets.

I will then check availability, other options, and price for you.


Step-by-Step Ordering Contact me

I’ll let you know the price of any items once you enquire.  Items are priced in Malaysian Ringgit (RM), British Pound (GBP £), or Euro (EUR €).

The item prices are subject to change due to designer’s price change, sales, and exchange rates.

It depends!  Some brands never have sales, especially as some items are so rare and in high demand they never have spare stock.

If there is something you are especially looking for, just let me know.  I can try to contact you if the item becomes available.

I have close contacts with the sales managers & directors in many stores, boutiques, and business owners who advise me of expected price rises (which are otherwise only published after they happen).  I share such news with my dear customers in case they wish to avoid these price rises.

Once you have confirmed your choice, full payment or instalment must be made in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) or British Pounds (GBP), by any of these methods:

  • Bank Transfer in Malaysia
  • Foreign exchange (GBP) transfer to our UK bank
  • PayPal including Credit Card payments (plus the PayPal fee of 4.44%)
  • Western Union transfers

Please be quick to pay and confirm – especially if the item is in short-supply, or hard-to-get otherwise it may become unavailable even in a short time!

After your full payment (or first instalment), the items are ordered for you.

If the item(s) becomes unavailable, then a refund is made unless you request to go on the waiting-list (if it’s possible), or perhaps an alternative is available which you would like.

The banking, PayPal, and Western Union information is advised when you order.


Ask me to confirm.  You may be able to pay in up to 5 instalments within 5 months, subject to our acceptance.  This is not available on all items and may not be suitable for some customers.

If available, this is especially useful for reserving an item when a price increase is upcoming, or the item is rare and hard-to-get.

When accepted, you may then reserve any item easily now at the current price with at least a 20% deposit, followed by up to 4 further payments within the following 4 months (one payment per month).

When full payment has been made the item is ready to be sent to you.


From Beverly Hills to Brunei, I have customers all over the world in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Canada, Germany, Australia, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom too.

The secure delivery options to your door are:

  • Standard delivery by UPS, FedEx, or GDEX courier in 7 to 14 days, or
  • Premium delivery by UPS, FedEx, or GDEX courier in 2 to 3 days, or
  • Personal delivery for ultra-high-value items

Unique QR order codes are used to track all items.  All options include status tracking door-to-door, and a signature is required at delivery.

For valuable peace-of-mind and financial protection to enjoy your luxury items please obtain shipping insurance.  Loss is rare but upsetting if this happens.  I’ve suggested one low-cost insurance company below, others are available.

  • You may use any insurance company; it’s your choice.
  • Without additional insurance the standard limit of any proven claim against any courier is a ‘heart-breaking’ $50 only.
  • You may consider insurance with SECURSUS at who charge 1.0% of the value of the item (as at September 2023).

For example: to insure £10,000 it is £100.

  • SECURSUS need the following (but please check & follow their process as described on their website): photos of the item(s) inside the package, and of the outside of the package being shipped, courier tracking number, carrier name, parcel value, the insurance payment, your registration with SECURSUS
  • You can take out their insurance before or on the same day of departure, until UK midnight.
  • I can provide this information if you request this before the item is sent.  If you require any further information then I’d be happy to help.

Whether you are a Datin, Datuk, Sir, Madam, celebrity, business professional, or any lover of fine fashion, your personal information remains confidential to my company.

Your personal name, job-title, address, email address, telephone number, social media names, and order history is used to manage & supply items and to update you personally.

Your name, address, and telephone number are shared with the courier for delivery.

If you kindly send me any photos or text as feedback about your new item(s) I would  anonymise these.

Click the icon below, to contact me by WhatsApp, LINE or Email anytime, 24-hours/ 7-days a week.

I'm here to help you usually during European daytime 9am - 6pm, or in other words:

  • Saudi Arabia/ Qatar/ United Arab Emirates/ Oman
    late-morning to early-evening
  • Malaysia/ Brunei/ Singapore/ Indonesia/ Thailand/ Myanmar/ Hong Kong
    late-afternoon into the night
  • Japan/ Taiwan/ South Korea
    late-afternoon into the night
  • Australia
    late-afternoon into the night
  • USA
    late-night until late-morning

...unless I'm travelling, when I might take a little longer to respond.

Only use WhatsApp, LINE, or email to discuss orders & payments.

Scammers on Telegram, especially, can easily impersonate us.  I will never share personal, financial, or order information through Telegram or Instagram. These platforms are only used for sharing photos and videos with customers, as they're not secure and messages can be easily lost.

Simple, fair, excellent & personal customer service!

  1. To place an order: make full payment (or first partial payment - if paying by instalments).
  2. Delayed payment may result in selected items being unavailable.
  3. Exchanges & refunds are not permitted once the item is ordered.
  4. Refunds will be issued for unavailable items.
  5. Include your name, email, phone, or order number with payment.
  6. Provide proof-of-payment with a photo or screenshot so we can match it to our bank statement.
  7. Items are shipped after full payment has been made.
  8. To reduce risk of theft, packaging will not indicate the value of the items inside.
  9. Items are shipped as 'Free on Board Origin' (FOB Origin) - insurance, customs, import duty and other receiving country costs are your responsibility.
  10. Delivery losses are limited to only $50.
  11. Delivery insurance is highly recommended and is the responsibility of the buyer.
  12. Sign for delivery including immediately noting and recording any package or contents damage with photos or video taken upon receipt and before and during unpacking.
  13. Read the Frequently Asked Questions

Reviewed & Updated
Wednesday 20th September 2023

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